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Relocated : New Account by chibi-aeris027 Relocated : New Account :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 1 0 Tear You Apart by chibi-aeris027
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Tear You Apart :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 52 12
Metamorphose Chapter Fourteen
Metamorphose - Chapter Fourteen : "Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart"
"Let me wake up in your arms
Hear you say it's not alright
Let me be so dead and gone
So far away from life
Close my eyes
Hold me tight
And bury me deep inside your heart
All I ever wanted was you, my love
You're all I ever wanted is you, my love
Your're all I ever wanted, just you."
"Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart"
by HIM.
"I wonder if that mystery experiment is associated with the 'strange figure' mentioned on the news..." Aeris pondered aloud. Vincent shrugged. "Who knows? I'm mostly concerned about the missing page." She nodded understandingly. Suddenly, she gasped, catching Vincent's attention. "What is it?"
"You... left your PHS upstairs."
He blinked, but chuckled a bit. "That was intentional." Aeris frowned, feeling a bit dumb. "Oh." She said. Her cheeks flushed pink in genuine embarassment. "Sorry..." She apologized as she rubbed the back of her neck. "For what? You have
:iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 3 5
D.E.viant - OCT31 by chibi-aeris027 D.E.viant - OCT31 :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 1 0 Chibikinesis + Trogga -lines- by chibi-aeris027 Chibikinesis + Trogga -lines- :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 2 0 Piggy Back Ride -Color- by chibi-aeris027 Piggy Back Ride -Color- :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 7 8 Cid X Edea for Helena by chibi-aeris027 Cid X Edea for Helena :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 44 14
Metamorphose Chapter Thirteen
Metamorphose - Chapter Thirteen : "Count Me In"
"Could there be a different ending to the same old story?
'Cause you're not the first to say you're gonna' be there for me.
I need to know what's in your heart
Can you finish what you start?
A promise ain't no good if you can't keep it
If heartaches and tears
and shadows of doubt
are part of the deal
you can count me out.
But if you're talkin' about
a game I can win
You can count me in."
"Count Me In"
by Deana Carter.
A few days had passed since that awkward night. Things were still a bit awkward between the two immortals in question, but atleast things were out in the open. Sadly, though, Vincent was still transforming on a regular basis. Each time, he appeared a bit less human. But, still, Aeris treated him as if he were any other ordinary human being. Aside from this, the last few days had been rather... uneventful.
Aeris stirred awake, though her eyes remained heavy.
:iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 1 10
Chibikinesis - Colored- by chibi-aeris027 Chibikinesis - Colored- :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 5 3 Me... with glasses O: by chibi-aeris027 Me... with glasses O: :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 0 3 Before Crisis : Rae by chibi-aeris027 Before Crisis : Rae :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 3 6
Metamorphose Chapter Twelve
Metamorphose - Chapter Twelve : "Beautiful"
Too lazy to type out the lyrics to "Beautiful" by HIM... so if you're curious... find 'em your damned self :| I'm in too crappy a mooooood. Hence the reason this chapter's so short.
Vincent rubbed his eyes and slowly sat up. When he opened them, he saw that Aeris wasn't by his side, and felt a bit uneasy. "Was it all a dream?" He wondered. He leaned over and saw the bandages in the trash bin, and when a familiar scent of lilac hit his nose, he knew it was no dream. He got off the bed and stretched his body. His back felt ridiculously stiff, but he knew why. So, sighing lightly to himself, he made his way out of the bedroom and down the hall.
He could hear two femenine voices coming from the kitchen, and knew immediately who was there. The scent of pancakes, eggs, and saussage wafted from where the two women were. He stopped for a moment and lingered in the doorway, his ruby eyes studying Aeris.
As he did so, the mem
:iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 2 1
An Ordinary Miracle WIP by chibi-aeris027 An Ordinary Miracle WIP :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 34 7 Tenderness PS Color by chibi-aeris027 Tenderness PS Color :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 37 9 Tenderness - Lines by chibi-aeris027 Tenderness - Lines :iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 11 8
Metamorphose Chapter Eleven
Metamorphose - Chapter Eleven : "Crash and Burn"
"When you feel all alone
And the world has turned its back on you
give me a moment please
to tame your wild, wild heart
I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you
it's hard to find release
and people can be so cold
When darkness is upon your door and
you feel like you can't take anymore
Let me be the one you call
if you jump I'll break your fall
lift you up and fly away with you into the night
if you need to fall apart
I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash,
you can crash and burn
you're not alone"
"Crash and Burn"
by Savage Garden
Charles sat down on the edge of the bed and fluffed his pillows up a bit. He yawned tiredly, about to lie down, when his phone rang. He sighed and got up to answer it.
"Charles, I- I need your help!"
"Aeris? What's the matter?"
Katherine looked up in shock, immediately running over to Charles' side to see what was the matter.
"It's Vincent! He
:iconchibi-aeris027:chibi-aeris027 1 8


Delicious OC Meme BLANK by cartoonlion Delicious OC Meme BLANK :iconcartoonlion:cartoonlion 1,330 138 Team Fortress Fan Girls by T03nemesis Team Fortress Fan Girls :icont03nemesis:T03nemesis 3,393 459 Thom Yorke by EvilFrogo Thom Yorke :iconevilfrogo:EvilFrogo 729 152 dn angel daisuke and riku by new-hearts dn angel daisuke and riku :iconnew-hearts:new-hearts 628 157 First Sight by autumncry First Sight :iconautumncry:autumncry 806 201 +Gunslinger+ by TownOfWolves +Gunslinger+ :icontownofwolves:TownOfWolves 97 65 Wild Arms 3 by locke20 Wild Arms 3 :iconlocke20:locke20 139 55 Hellsing : 'Shinigami' by N-I-V-I-S Hellsing : 'Shinigami' :iconn-i-v-i-s:N-I-V-I-S 45 7 Hellsing: God is Dead by Lascaux Hellsing: God is Dead :iconlascaux:Lascaux 149 59 Ee's Alright, Baby Paco by Mavuriku Ee's Alright, Baby Paco :iconmavuriku:Mavuriku 97 30 SD MobileSuits SuperCollection by MobileSuitGio SD MobileSuits SuperCollection :iconmobilesuitgio:MobileSuitGio 1,104 284 So Many Sweet Dreams by pupukachoo So Many Sweet Dreams :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 3,387 583 Red Moon: Hellsing by starxade Red Moon: Hellsing :iconstarxade:starxade 720 190 Fuzz Academy - The Massacre by mree Fuzz Academy - The Massacre :iconmree:mree 11,450 1,299 metalocalypse:hairrock by morgankit metalocalypse:hairrock :iconmorgankit:morgankit 227 63 Dethklok in FF Cosplay by neoanimegirl Dethklok in FF Cosplay :iconneoanimegirl:neoanimegirl 1,163 645



Now ChibiKinesis.
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